Friday, August 18, 2006

System of the Wu Tang Clan

System of a Down + Wu Tang Clan

According to

The rumors of a Shavo Odadjian and RZA collabo seems more likely than ever:

Bring Odadjian Ruckus
(5:38 PM PST 08/17/2006)
System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian will be playing bass for the Wu-Tang Clan on three live dates later this week, here's where you can catch him with the group:
August 18th New York City, NY - Webster Hall
August 19th Philadelphia, PA - Penn's Landing
August 20th Winston Salem, SC - Corpening Plaza
According to the official press release, Odadjian will be playing bass on all of the bands song for their entire set each night. Furthermore, Odadjian has indeed been in the studio collaborating with Wu-Tang head RZA for over the past year as well working on brand new material.

I guess the Wu has finally realized and embraced their predominately white (or non-black) audience.

First Steve-O*, now Shavo.

It seems to me, that in the world of music, these cross genre(more specifically hard rock and rap) collaborations sound like really great ideas but in actuality more often miss than hit.

Trent Reznor & Dr. Dre - "Even Deeper"
(Dr. Dre mixed the song off the album "The Fragile")

Daryl Palumbo & Dan the Automator - Head Automatica "Decadence" (full length album)
(producer on the entire record except on the only two singles "Beating Hearts Baby" and "The Razor")

Zach de la Rocha & DJ Shadow - "Burn Hollywood"
(not sure if this was ever an official release, as it doesn't seem likely his album will ever drop)

Deftones & Handsome Boy Modeling School - " "
(the beat is wack over Chino's voice)

Korn & Ice Cube - "Children of the Korn", "Fuck Dying"
Korn & Nas - "Play Me "
Korn & Fat Lip (of the Pharcyde) - "Cameltosis"
Korn & Dem Franchize Boyz - "Coming Undone Wit It"
(please just stop... the forumla doesn't work)

coming soon:
Trent Reznor & Saul Williams

*Under the request of Method Man, Steve-O came out during their Rock the Bells set in San Bernardino and preformed two backflips while naked infront of ODB's moms and the entire Clab during the tribute. Quickly after preforming "Brooklyn Zoo", Raekwon had Steve-O in a headlock demanding that he apologize for 'doing some gay shit'.

Friday, August 11, 2006

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