Sunday, January 03, 2010

Black Dynamite

Funniest film of the year.

the funniest film i've seen in the last decade. I was the loudest person laughing at the grand theater in oakland last week. it was awesome. they had free popcorn.

i was expecting crap but this movie is brilliant in every way and the soundtrack is amazing.

please check this out.

i loved this movie so much that after i saw it in theaters immediately i downloaded it and passed out during the middle of it the same night.

the version i downloaded had german subtitles i couldn't get rid of and was missing my favorite part of the film (the helicopter with the giant magnet)

i am going to buy the dvd when it releases in February just so i can see all the bonus features. i normally think dvds are a waste of money, but i'm just that into this.

also what is pretty cool is that my favorite artist david choe did some of the illustrations for some posters promoting the film. check those out here

Air Jordan XII (12) Retro Black/Red “Flu Game”

been thinking about copping these for a minute.

rocking j's and other bulky ass shoes with skinny jeans.

i thought these joints were mad fly as a kid and now that i have a credit card i think i may just try to live the dream. 150 ain't horrible and they're available at footlockers everywhere.

do people even camp out for shit like this anymore, or is the rare sneaker collecting thing dead?

i hope it's dead. i hate not being able to cop shit cause i'm lazy.

adidas Originals 2010 Spring Gazelle II

yeah, I've been checking hypebeast again.

what can i say? i'm still broke and on break with mad time for window shopping.

i was sad when i threw my old pair away a few months back, but these are such a classic and a must in my wardrobe. i just hate having to pay $62 for a pair of these. seems so over priced for such a simple shoe.

also a piece of footwear that seems to have a lot of history with me. they were dope in middle school cause all the kids who were into techno or 'gino beats' music was into having all adidas gear with the three stripes.

in high school it was all about nu metal and this was no doubt the shoe of choice. well, either these or the shell toes.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Raekwon - "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part II"

I have been waiting for this album to come out for the past 3-4 years and finally it hits the shelves and a disappointment. I honestly have not really had the desire to listen to the whole album all the way through, but I think it could've been a smash had Rae included some songs and edited a few others out. Also if Nas showed up on the album it would've been crazy.

Things that were missing: Wu Gambinos part 2 and Nas.

Songs that should've been included:

Blue Eagles


Baggage Handlers

The Masters (Rest in peace) ft. B-Real of Cypress Hill

Beauty (ft. Noreaga & Joell Ortiz)

Whips & Kicks (Ft. AZ)

Cocaine Blunts

Songs to keep (there are a few bangers on this album):

- Return of the North Star (ft. Papa Wu)
** an amazing intro track to the album **

- House of Flying Daggers (ft. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, Method Man, GZA)
- Cold Outside (ft. Ghostface Killah)
- Gihad (ft. Ghostface Killah)
- New Wu (ft. Ghostface Killah, Method Man)
- Ason Jones (ODB tribute)

- The Badlands (ft. Ghostface Killah) - European Bonus Track
- Walk Wit Me - iTunes Bonus Track

The rest of it was disposable. These tracks were going up against:
- Striving for Perfection
- Criminology
- Incarcerated Scarfaces
- Can It Be All So Simple
- Glaciers of Ice
- Verbal Intercourse
- Ice Cream
- Wu-Gambinos
- Heaven and Hell

and all the other tracks on this album straight ILL... not a single wack track.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Video: Glassjaw Acoustic Live at the Apple Store (2003)

had the urge to hear this again... i was revamping my calendar project and was fiending for a listen!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iPhone: Apple Preview of OS 3.0

Engadget is reporting that Apple will be hosting a media event on Tuesday, March 17th to demonstrate iPhone OS 3.0, the next major upgrade to the iPhone operating system. Apple will reportedly also provide details on a new iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) to aid developers in creating applications for the new operating system.

iPhone: Fandango App

Man... what a great fucking idea! I can't believe they didn't have this earlier.

I actually really needed this on Valentine's day weekend. I was trying to watch Coraline in 3D and had to settle for Taken. *shudders*

More info on that here

(fandango is a service where you can buy movie tickets online and pick them up at the theater... impress your dates with a few clicks on your iPhone)

iPhone: Copy and Paste on OS 3.0

Wow. Dude is right: how the fuck did apple wait till 3.0 to have a copy and paste function?!?!?

Anyway. I can't believe there are so many people excited to see these dorky duchebags talk about technology. It's like the Wayne's World of G4... and the people are loving it. I thought SXSW was about music... apparently I was wrong.

Also announced: MMS and video recording would not be present in this release nor the ability to run background applications.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Video: Nike SB Team in Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong, China

Video is kinda cool, but what I thought was dope was the track they're using in the background. Cantonese rap music is (slowly) getting better!

TV: The Simpsons in HD

What else can I say, but this shit is the WACKNESS.

Forget HD. Just keep it the way it was. If it ain't broke don't fix. Invest in new writers, not new animation techniques - cause the last 3 HD episodes have sucked ass.

Don't make me start watching the Family Guy, Mr. Greoning. You're on thin ice. I've defended your show for years now and have resisted watching or enjoying any Family Guy.

Throwback: Slum Village - "Selfish"

Hmm, stopped over at Drizzy's blog today, and noticed that he posted a throwback Slum Village track. I was never a huge fan, but boy did I love this one. I'm pretty sure Justin Bua did the artwork on the video Drake posted.

Watch the music video here. Download the album "Detroit Deli: Taste of Detroit" here.

I've been bumping the new So Far Gone mixtape a lately, download download it here.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

iPhone: The End of Fat Fingers

The one thing I dislike about the iPhone is that I hate how I can't text and drive at the same time.

More specifically I tend to get 'fat finger syndrome' where my fingers often hit the wrong keys on the digital keyboard. This video shows how someone figured out how to hook up his wireless apple keyboard to the iPhone.

I want to learn how to do this now!

iPhone: Depeche Mode Pass

I heard the new DM song last night on KROQ and I must say "Wrong" sounds amazing.

So iTunes is trying to do this pass thing w/ Depeche Mode, and you can read more about that here.

But really who cares, 'cause a kid like me who knows how to work a computer will end up getting the album for free before the release date. I already got all the stuff on the iTunes digital single.

You can too.

iPhone: Watchmen App

I heard the movie blows and you can see the blue guy's weiner throughout the film.

...but regardless a few days ago (before finding the above video) I downloaded the Watchmen app anyway. I didn't download it because I wanted to watch the movie but because I was interested of what could possibly be on an app for a movie. I opened it, was sent to a link for the preview and was bored after 5 minutes and felt like such a tool for even downloading it. It's like Sean, Brian and all the other ad kids tell me: people don't like knowing they're being sold to... but if that's so true, then why is this in the top 25 free apps of the week?

iPhone: Rumors of iPhone Pro for June 2009 release

Damn, I just got one of these too.

Apparently they're lowering the price of the 3G phone by $99 and introducing a new one in June. More details here.

iPhone: iPhone VS cell phone past (video)

Ever wonder what would happen if your iPhone reunited with all the models of cell phone past?

iPhone: 31 Fart Apps

I remember one of the first weeks of class Sean mentioned that the iFart app was one of the most popular applications for the iPhone. Apparently there are now 31 different apps - all compiled onto one video.

iPhone: Manage Your DirecTV

How cool would it be to be able to control your DVR thru your iPhone? Be able to change your settings and record your favorite shows from anywhere without your remote!

According to this post, it's on the horizon... now if only I still had DirecTV :(

iPhone: Using iTunes to Organize Your Apps

Cool concept video found on Gizmodo on how to organize your iPhone apps using iTunes. Which is a great idea because of how disposable some applications are - esp. the free ones. You can sort apps based upon usage, category and more!

I think this is a great idea, because it would encourage people to connect the phone to their computer and sync it more often!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Music Video: Lil Wayne "Prom Queen" x KoRn

Yes, I'm aware this video is probrably a few weeks old, the song's been out for quite a while. I'm not a huge fan of Lil Wayne doing a rock record and this song bugged the hell out of me the first few times I heard it, but if you look at it in the vein of a rapper trying to do a pop rock song, it after a few listens it really isn't all that bad.

Anyways, but that's coming from someone who was a huge rap metal fan in the late 90's.

But why I really posted is because while watching the video, I noticed that the members of KoRn are in the video. Again, two of my favorite things put together - even on a song I would never admit to enjoying. I wasn't sure who's playing guitar in the video (most likely Munky, as Head is no longer in the band), but Fieldy (who sure got raggier looking) is definately on bass and Jonathan Davis is definately on the drums.

I stopped being a KoRn fan about 10 years ago, but it's nice to see them still involved in today's popular music.