Sunday, January 03, 2010

adidas Originals 2010 Spring Gazelle II

yeah, I've been checking hypebeast again.

what can i say? i'm still broke and on break with mad time for window shopping.

i was sad when i threw my old pair away a few months back, but these are such a classic and a must in my wardrobe. i just hate having to pay $62 for a pair of these. seems so over priced for such a simple shoe.

also a piece of footwear that seems to have a lot of history with me. they were dope in middle school cause all the kids who were into techno or 'gino beats' music was into having all adidas gear with the three stripes.

in high school it was all about nu metal and this was no doubt the shoe of choice. well, either these or the shell toes.

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