Monday, December 29, 2008

Top Albums of 2008

So everyone makes these lists... I enjoy reading them, but as I get older and older I realize that I don't recognize 80% of the albums on these lists as well as having less and less time to scour the interweb and flip thru music magazines for new music.

Also, about 95% of my friends all do the 9-5 so I don't really have anyone to talk music with.

With that said, here we are:
(keep in mind, some of these albums might've been released in 2007, but it's my list so shut the fuck up)

Hip-Hop Albums:
(this is rated by consistancy and how many times I was excited to hear the entire record over again)

1. Lil' Wayne - "Tha Carter III"
2. Kanye West - "808's and Heartbreak"
3. EMC - "The Show"
4. GZA/Genius - "Pro Tools"
5. Ludacris - "Theater of the Mind"

(it's unfair to put these with the albums)
1. Oddisee & V/A - "Pete Rosenburg Presents: A Rosenburg Oddisee"
2. Alchemist - "The Alchemist's Cookbook"

Not Hip-Hop Albums:
1. Burial - "Untrue"
2. Black Kids - "Partie Traumatic"
3. Bon Iver - "For Emma, Forever Ago"
4. Vampire Weekend - "Vampire Weekend"
5. Santogold - "Santogold"
6. M83 - "Saturdays = Youth"
7. The Radio Dept - "Lesser Matters"

R&B Albums:
1. The Dream - "Love Hate"
2. Al Green - "Lay It Down"

Most Disappointing Albums:
(this is rated by how excited I was to hear the record vs how bad the record really was. some records I knew would suck, but I still kept some faith that the artist would make a comeback. So in short, if I knew the album would suck and it did suck, it didn't make the list, ie: Fat Joe - "Elephant in the Room")

1. Wu Tang Clan - "8 Diagrams"
2. Nas - "Untitled (aka: Nigger)"
3. Murs - "Murs for President"
4. Yak Ballz - "Scifentology 2"
5. RZA - "Bobby Digital: Digi Snacks"
6. Atmosphere - "When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold"
7. Tricky - "Knowle West Boy"
8. Portishead - "Third"
9. Q-Tip - "The Renaissance"
10. The Game - "L.A.X."
11. Nine Inch Nails - "The Slip"

Soundtrack of the Year:

1. The Wackness
(the soundtrack is actually 80% of the reason I bothered to go see this movie)

Albums that Surprised Me:
(this is rated by how crappy I thought the album would be, but actually turned out pretty enjoyable)
1. Common - "Universal Mind Control"
2. Ill Bill* - "The Hour of Reprisal"

*I'm generally not a big fan of anyone from this click, but the list of guests on this album MADE me HAVE to check it out: Raekwon, DJ Premier, Max Calvera (of Sepultura/Soulfly - wtf!!!), HR & Darryl Jennifer (of Bad Brains - wtf!!!), DJ Muggs, B-Real, Vinnie Paz, Immortal Technique & more

Musical Trends I Still Don't Understand: 1. Electro
2. Ed Banger Records
3. Noise
4. Gabber

Albums I'm Looking Forward to in 2009:
1. Cage - "Depart From Me"
2. Raekwon - "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. 2"
3. Dr. Dre - "Detox"
4. Eminem - not sure what it's called
5. Lil Wayne - "Tha Carter III" (same title but all new tracks)
6. 50 Cent - "Before I Self Destruct"
7. T-Wayne - "He Rap, He Sing"
8. OutKast - all 3 albums...

Albums I Discovered in 2008:
(but NOT released in 2008, in no particular order)
The Lox - Money Power Respect (1998)
MC Solaar - Prose Combat (1994)
Oscar Peterson - Fly Me To The Moon (retrospective - 2006)
Bad Brains - Quickness (1989)
Masta Ace - Sittin' On Chrome (1995)
Stars - Nightsongs (2001)
Bitty McLean - On Bond Street (2005)

CHOEGAL... and how i missed it

So David Choe dropped this wooden toy on the 23rd at the LA Giant Robot store.

Pretty awesome right?

But I flew out to Beijing that morning. Bummer.

It's going for about $50 on ebay right now... what do you think? I've also got an appartment full of useless/cool collectables I've accumulated over the past 8 years. I even have a Barbie in a wheelchair - Becky the School Photographer.

I did however get one of these in the mail. it's not the actual screenprint, but rather just one of the 18x24 Choebama posters David's brother Jimmy went around the country posting up pre-election.

Not bad, it was only $25. Unfortunately it won't be worth much in the future... but that isn't why I got it. I don't really even care about politics or Obama, but I think it's an awesome illustration that kicks the shit out of Shepard Fairey's design.

On a side note:
I personally think it's retarded they sell those shirts for $38.00 at places like Urban Outfitters... to me it makes the election seem like a joke, and who gives a fuck who you vote for? Maybe I'm getting old and judgemental but why do I care if a bunch of 18 year old kids decked out in overpriced 'streetwear' are wearing a presidential candidate's face on their chest?!?!

it's no different than wearing this shirt (also sold at Urban Outfitters), equally ridiculous.

...and what are you going to do with those shirts after the election? you'll have to wait another 15-20 years till they'll have a 'vintage' cool factor to them. In the words of the great Erik Brunetti (founder/designer for Fuct), "it's (streetwear) all just so disposable."

and if you're offended, well fuck you 'cause I didn't vote either.

I'm also Canadian.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

update on my life

pretty fucking crazy can i say??!?!?!

well i'm currently laying in my parent's fold out couch/bed in their guest bedroom all the way in beijing, china.

school ended a week ago, bridgette and i threw a crazy end of term party (8 kegs, 5 gatorade things of jungle juice and about 300 peeps in a warehouse), my roommate moved out - i finally cleaned the entire apartment, bought a vaccume, saw rocknrolla, A$ came down to visit, saw lil wayne on the i am music tour, went 18+ clubbing, saw a fight break out (highschool nostalgicism), finally saw the new wu-tang dvd, nabbed a david choe print, got some more scholarship money, missed the dean's list by less than 0.1 and flew out to beijing...

and i just got back from the great wall about to have dinner with a friend

will post on everything above while i am here... along with doing something physical (like working out) every single day i am here.

talk to you soon.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Craziest Skateboard Trick Ever

Pure insanity!

Thanks to my boy Chris for showing me this.

Art School - Update

Soo.. it's finals time and shit is getting hectic.

4 books to do, and a few posters for final projects... fuck fuck fuck

Alteast I finished my Com Design final for next Monday.

I was very shocked my teacher liked it. His name is Sean Adams and is currently the President of the AIGA (a professional graphic designer association/cult thing), so he's kind of a big deal.

The assignment was to make a poster for the 2009 conference in Memphis based around either offensive imagery or eye candy, and I made my choice. I've gotten some requests for prints of this... I just did my initial sketches as a joke - or mainly to see how far I could push Sean over the edge with my concepts and according to his surprisingly and supportive positive feedback on my comps here is the final (above).

It was pretty hilarious because I got this printed at school. Just seeing the looks on the faces of people at the lab, I think I nailed it. Not to mention the looks of all the females in my class.

Sometimes, you just gotta lube up and go in. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Brooklyn Superhero Supply

Sounds like an awesome store with an equally awesome type treatment!

My guess would be Din or Helvetica Neuve


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ludacris - "MVP" (produced by DJ Premier)

Another two of my favorite things.

Favorite Radio Rapper + Producer of All Time = Amazing Download.

video: The Alchemist - Lose Your Life (Feat. Snoop Dogg, Pusha T & Jadakiss)

I thought this was dope. I think it's the same ppl who did the intro to the Aqua Teen Movie Intro.

(Unfortunately, I couldn't find the link to it)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Change Gone Come" - Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth, B.o.B

I had to post this... I'm pretty in love with this track! It's been pumping on my deck like 10 times a day. The beat is off the hook, the sample so sweet, and the verses are pretty tight, featuring 3 of the iller 'new school' artists: Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth and B.o.B.

I love the part where Asher sings the hook at the end of the verse.

Download it here.

Props to Nah Right.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playboy's Miss November 2008 - some Korean chick

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic
So this morning while working on some homework at the school library I came across this video while downloading some songs off zshare.

Apparently she's Playboy's Miss November 2008. I don't have a subscription to this magazine, because simply in the day and age of streaming porn hardcore porn on the internet, who needs this softcore bullshit? Also, although the articles are pretty well written, I just don't want to pay $12 a year.

I was intrigued cause she was getting sexy with Guitar Hero... but then I dunno. She's korean (sorry Jen), and I found out later that she worked for Activision in the Guitar Hero division. It's great when you find out someone has something in common with you, but it kills it when you see that there's some sort of marketing ploy behind it.

I havn't viewed the fullsize pics yet (I'm still at school - in the libray), but the boobs look pretty fake on video. Also, from what I gather from the thumbnails she's in some sort of Asian antique store. She's got a myspace.

One step forward, two steps back. Enjoy!

Olle Hemmendorff’s Nike Air Max 90 Burger

Two of my favorite things* put together.

Olle Heemendorff - found here.

*Ha, that should be the name of my blog

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Last Keith Haring - Art Center

I've been meaning to post this for the longest time.

At school we have the last Keith Haring mural ever commissioned before his tragic death in 1990.

Pretty inspiring to see it hanging outside the library every day.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


This is a stroke of genius - can you believe the book is only $13.57 on amazon?

Written/designed by Marion Bataille.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Chi Cheng (of the Deftones): Get Well Soon!

One of my childhood heroes was involved in a car accident and unfortunately left in a coma yesterday.

I was fortunate enough to meet my hero a few summers ago when Korn brought back the Family Values tour and had both bands headlining. I remember telling Chi at the meet and greet that he was always someone who greatly inspired me 'cause he was a Chinese dude who'd made it playing in the livest band on the planet. He told me to keep playing and never give up. I'll post the pic of us together later once I hook up my PC.

I really hope he pulls through. I can't wait to hear the new Deftones album Eros. More news on that here.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Found a Lay-z-boy


So on saturday night I was pretty bummed that my halloween kinda was a bust and I really wanted to make up for it that night, but due to poor planning and everyone else I knew who was hung over from having a fun Halloween, I ended up staying at home.

Sometime around 11 in the evening I went to my car to grab something and in the carport next to mine, there she was!

Granted, there should be a black light test done to it, or perhaps a steam clean of sorts, but I've always wanted one of these. I just never wanted to pay for it.

It's probrbaly our neighbor's. They moved out that day. Soooo comfortable!

But this motherfucker was heavy... not fun carrying this from the lot to the second floor.

will post pics soon

Movie Review: Zack and Miri Make a Porno

This movie was pretty hilarious. Great cast and Kevin Smith directing. Heartwarming and totally vulgar, this movie has it all. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I have no idea why Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 66%. Great date movie!

Is it just me or was the black dude from The Office's wife played by Gina from Martin?

Entourage x Outkast - "Da Art of Storytellin' (pt. 2)"

So I just finished watching the new episode of Entourage, and to my surprise at the end of the episode they threw this classic on!

A few episodes back, they had the end credits to "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead. I also remember hearing some other classics this season, such as Naughty By Nature "Feel Me Flow", The Cure "Lullaby" and Masta Ace - "The B-Side".

Man, dudes over at HBO got it down. Check the playlists out here.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Kanye West - "Robocop"

I think this song is rather terrible, but I love the name and idea behind it... and the Robocop samples!

Kanye you are a genius. The song will prolly grow on me. Check it here.

Anyway, like I was saying before, I understand a lot of people hate this guy and think that he has an attitude problem or whatever or that he's too cocky, but seriously... dude is just being real and saying what's on his mind. I think its pretty cool that he gets crazy on TMZ and the Video Awards, cause he isn't afraid of how people view him. If you deserved to win something and you truly feel that way, say i!. That strive for perfection and disregard for what people think is something I find admirable.

Also, I guess the main thing is that dude has crazy hits and is constantly reinventing himself. Yeah auto-tune is pretty much abused by everyone in hiphop, but for a rapper doing a whole album singing with it is a pretty big risk and should be interesting. The idea may be wack, but I still look forward to hearing the album and maybe finding a hidden gem.

Props to AnalogGiant for the info.

Lock Stock Type Motion Graphic

Been thinking about motion graphics and the usage of typography a lot more lately. I can't wait to take Motion 1 next term. I came across this on cpluv and thought this was pretty dope.

A quote from one of my favorite movies of all time: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Hmmm... I might go see Rock n Rolla today.

Guy Ritchie is the man... although I thought Revolver sucked.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Neighborhood Buzzcock Postman Boots

Damn kid, them joints is fyahhhh...

Been moving pretty far away from fashion and sneakers in the past year. I can't afford nothing, so i barely look at the blogs anymore. A classmate and I were talking clothes lately, so I got a bit nostalgic and poked around on good ol' hypebeast.

Now I have no idea how to get a pair of these (aside from flying over to Tokyo) or will any girls really give a fuck how dope my shoes are, but you can damn sure bet that I'mma go try to cop a 80 dollar or less version (wingtips) of these the next time I go crusing for clothes.

Also I notice my eye shifting away from sneakers. I own to goddamn many and if I do get the chance to go shopping, I'm looking at more 'real' man clothes. My closet seems to be flooded with tee-shirts and my shoe rack(s) seem to have too many brightly colored sneakers I never wear. This little boy hypebeast bullshit has to end someday.

Armin van Buuren - Going Wrong

So I was at my usual Boba/Pearl Milk tea spot about a month ago and this song came on. I think in the same week I heard the song like 10 times... but something really caught my ear. I am not normally a fan of trance music. I personally never really enjoyed raving or designer drugs as much as most people seem to.

Also, it gave me a good reason to talk to the cutie working there.

Anyway, I really like this track and this particular version of it cause it's a little more slowed down and not as chaotic as most trance songs. Also the dude's vocals during the verse has a really cool Depeche Mode vibe to it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Beatles x Rock Band

Seriously, this is pretty fuckin' amazing. Rock Band/Guitar Hero is one of my obsessions.

Jammin' with John, Ringo, George and Paul from the comfort of your digital nerd's lair.

Read more here on Pitchfork.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nike Air Max 90's x Kaws... by accident

So I went to go pick up my camera (as mentioned in last post) and on my way to the bank to pick up some cash to pay the man I see some theater that says something about Nike on the outside display and see a bunch of Hypebeast looking dudes outside, so I figure fuck it, why not. I'm in the area I'll go after I grab my 30d.

Apparently they were dropping the new Kaws and Nike collab. I would never buy these personally and I think they're whatever looking, but I was rather impressed with the building and how the transformed the old Montalban theater to a Nike installation space.

This one is for you Treeson:

Canon 30D

2 weeks ago I bought a new camera body, a 30D.

I've had my eye on one of these for a while, but not having a job and generally owing more than I want to remember I used my roommate's ooooold ass rebel xt for the past 8 months. It's actually the first one ever made. Anyway, the load time on viewing the pictures was horrible and the screen is tiny and since we seem to have to take photos at school all the time, it's about time.

Here are my pics when I was deciding whether or not to buy it from the dude - a wedding photographer based in Hollywood.

This was my first one. I was pretty sold.

This was like my 10th one... I absolutely love my Canon 17-40mm L lens!

FYI: I also own a sweet $75 50mm. Thanks to my man Johnny for the tips.

My Psychadelic Rock Themed Poster

So. What do I do in school all day?

That's a great question.

Here's an example of my midterm project for Digital Design 2 w/ Dana Duncan.

We had to choose an object that we couldn't live without. I chose my bass guitar. For the midterm we had to create a poster that was 24" x 36" done in the style of a specific graphic design movement.

We don't draw as much as I'd like to and I'd always wanted to challenge myself to do one of these, and the movement fit my object perfectly.

Printing this costed a lot cause my print is actually 5' something by 2'... it will now sit in my living room/rockband arena right above the futon.

E40 - Poor Man's Hydrolics

I have no idea what this song sounds like but seeing 40 in the Giant's get up and based on the name of the song, I'm sure it's gonna be a classic banger that's beyond hilarious.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Burial - Unite

I've been a big fan of this guy's sound ever since I heard "Archangel" on Pitchfork's 100 best of 2007 list (above).

This song is just insane... the drums are more bouncy and not as atmospheric as usual. I'm a huge fan of dubstep, most of it I don't actually enjoy, but check this song out!

I'm aware this song has been on myspace for a long time and was actually released in 07 off a compilation called Box of Dub.

Unite - Burial

Download it here.

Friday, October 24, 2008

JAY-Z at the PALLADIUM 10-15-2008

HOV is in the BUILDING!!!

So I learned a very important lesson. If you're trying to scalp tickets, chances are you can still sell them the day of the show.

I didn't know this, so I ended up inviting my friends instead. I'm now about 680 dollars in debt because of my greed, negative attitude and unwillingness to wait till the final hour to scalp them at the door. I did post up my tickets the day of the show, but due to ethics and friendship, I decided to keep them.

Whatever, show was still pretty amazing.

Hov opened up w/ some song off American Gangster, then did one of my all time favorites "You don't know".

Yes, I am yelling 'fuck you lewbear' because my friend was stupid enough to pass up this show. Especially cause he didn't have to go to work the next day. He's quitting in a week and has mad sick days left yet his ass still wants to go to work. You work at Hertz homie... it's not that serious.

Pretty Awesome show tho, my right ear was ringing until the next day. Now I can safely say I've seen a rap legend in a pretty small venue.

"A Billi"

Hov and TI - "Swagger Like Us"

"H to the Izzo" (i love the beat to this... well anything jackson 5 is fire)

"Ain't no Nigga" "Can't Knock the Hustle" "Money Cash Hoes" & more (he also threw in Feelin' it... but i didn't get it on tape)

Far Reunion: Troubadour 10/16/08

I got to see Far last week! if you look a few posts back I wrote about how awesome I thought the reunion would be, cause I never got to see them live when I discovered them in high school. The show was absolutely awesome, except they didn't play "Waiting for Sunday". Above is a video that I shot... unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries cause of the Jay-Z show the night before. Also some videos from the Pomona show... where they did that particular song.

They closed out the show with an encore of "I like It", "Mother Mary" and "Bury White".

It was a struggle to get these tickets tho. Since it was sold out, I had to leave school at noon the day of and meet some dude in Hollywood to get them. Well worth it though! The crowd was pretty old (I actually felt young at a show for once) and everyone was really into it. Best show I've ever seen at the Troub.

"Waiting for Sunday" 10/15/08 at the Glasshouse, Pomona

John Brown Blog on Complex

My favorite VH1 rapper from the White Rapper show now has his own blog on Complex. "The 5 Hottest Anchorwomen on CNN" Check him here.

I'm really digging on the influx of suburban white rappers. Well... actually I dig Asher Roth. Perhaps it's cause they talk about stuff college kids are into or that it's something I can relate to (frat life), but I think it's great. Hell, I even think the new Kanye West stuff is great.

We'll save that for another post.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Respectable Freak

TI just became my favorite rapper.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cage: Depart from Me Sessions 2

Part 2... I'm excited. Cage looks mad skinny.

I wish I was in SF in two weeks to see him preform at Club 6. It's for a new collab between Hurley and one of my favorite illustrators, none other than Alex Pardee.

I just find it kinda funny w/ Pardee's work on a flyer that has a Macy's logo and the Weathermen logo written all over it.

WM x CC blowing up kid!

More Pardee:

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Stars - This Charming Man (The Smiths Cover)

I normally don't like covers for such classic bands with such classic vocalists, but I think they put a great spin on the original by slowing it down and giving it such a mellow vibe.

I know it's probrably really old... I know a lot of people love this band Stars. I've been really feeling the band The Radio Dept (thanks Dan) lately, and while doing some homework earlier I typed them into Pandora and found this delightful remake.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Diesel SWF XXX

My favorite jean company (well it's a tie w/ levi's) comes thru with a brilliant ad.

I'm in the library... and it's a Friday afternoon. I need to get out more.

Oh yeah, I found this on Doug's facebook.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Murs & 9th Wonder - Oh Lord Mixtape

My favorite LA rapper and NC producer team up again and release a free EP before MURS FOR PRESIDENT drops. Sponsored by hip hop's finest thread supplier: Hurley!

Check it here. I can't say I've actually bought a CD the day it came out in a while, but I respect the man that much. I think the last one was Ghostface's Big Doe Rehab.

Download it here... 'cause for some reason on the Hurley site you have to dl track by track.

I'm gonna wait till tommorow to bump the actual cd, but if you can't wait, dl the album here.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Art School - Update

So yes. I hardly update but that's cause I've been super busy with my first term at Art Center.

I'm pretty good now at waking up for 8am classes and showing up on time, with the exception of last Friday because some fucking ad major couldn't finish up our simple ass group project. Whatever, my 5 of 7 comps (vs his 1 of 15) all got approved so it's all gravey.

But like my teacher Chessley Nassaney was asking me if someone was dying (after I told him my reason for being late was 'it's been a rough week') "I felt like I was dying."

I really do. Not to feel emo or whatever the fuck but the lack of sleep and the constant all nighters and just me trying to catch up with the program has got my clock and my psoriasis out of wack.

With that said I still don't give a fuck. Dying to live is how I see it. I've never been to a place or an institution that inspires me as much as this place does. I'm getting close to finally being 100% caught up this week... it's gonna be a long day and I have a grueling 11 hour day tomorrow, but I honestly wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The people here make me want to push harder. I'm on campus on average of 10 hours a day.

I'm 25 years of age and going for a SECOND bachelors. Some would say that I'm a fucking moron, but being here has been my dream for the past 4 years. So while you're toiling away in an office working some meaningless job saving up for your new home, car, girlfriend, vacation, etc... I'm chasing my fantasy to accumulate even more debt and to live an even more tormented lifestyle lacking in all things financially secure.

In the words of Roland Young - "being a designer is hell."

Take me to the firey gates, I'm ready to burn.

CAGE - Depart From Me

ck on the bass? WHAT?!?!

I've been waiting for this album to drop since 2005, when i first heard Hell's Winter. I love the shit this white boy talks about. So gore filled and depressing... i love it. No other rapper seems to rub me the same way.

Weathermen x Cardboard City Forever

"...YOU LIVE ONE FUCKING LIFE and it will be taken from you when you least expect it so live it to the fullest.)"

for some reason i can't share this, so peep it. Cage, El-P and F.Sean Martin (of Hatebreed) chopping it up in the studio. On the myspace, you can see pics of Daryl Palumbo (glassjaw, head automatica, united nations) too... my other hero. i cant' fucking wait!

Cage got mad skinny...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


One reason why Biggie just that much iller than Pac: they made a movie about him first.

I'm in class so i can't actually hear the audio, but I'm excited that unlike most 'great' hiphop projects, this one is actually gonna see the light of day.

Link from NahRight.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

FAR getting back together?

man... my buddy collin or 'ash' as he prefers to be called, told me last monday that one of my favorite bands of all time is getting back together.

None other than FAR!!!!

Peep this video, found over at their website

#1 from the band far on Vimeo.

this video gives me the shivers! I never got to see the band preform live. They sorta pulled an operation ivy and broke up shortly after the release of their second record "Water and Solutions"

why does the band name sound familiar? well, Jonah Mantranga is the singer of the band. Since then he's had a few successful projects: onelinedrawing, gratitude, new end original and his solo act and even collaborating with Mike Shinoda(Linkin Park, Fort Minor) and Lupe Fiasco(the track "never lies" produced by Mike Shinoda contains a sample of the far song "Nestle").

Guitarist Shaun Lopez also started his own band under then name the Revolution Smile. He also produced a lot of Chino's vocals on their last full length album "Saturday Night Wrist.

Back in 1999 - when i bought "Water and Solutions" after reading about it in a Kerrang! magazine, little did I know that album would be the birth of emo/screamo. Jonah, according to Kerrang!(UK publication) is crowned as the emo king. I couldn't agree more. Listen to songs like "Bury White", "Water and Solutions", "Mother Mary"... and it's undeniable. Truely ahead of their time.

Since then, I've been a huge fan of anything Jonah's put his hands on. Although, I must say I don't agree with a lot of the nerdy/dorky preachy shit he says live... it does get annoying - the man knows how to put on a great show, often just onstage with a guitar.

Some of my favorite Far/Jonah tracks:
Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive (cover)

Far - bury white
Bury White - Far

far - mother mary
Mother Mary - Far

far - water and solutions
Water & Solutions - Far

Onelinedrawing - yr letter
Yr Letter - Onelinedrawing

Lupe Fiasco* - Never lies
Lupe Fiasco - Food and Liquor - 10 - Never Lies .mp3 -

Posted on their myspace is an article in Alternative Press magazine claiming that "Water and Solutions" as the most influential record of 1998. Here.

i found a link to their first album 'tin cans with strings to you'... their second 'official' release thru immortal records (korn, incubus) in my opinion is a lot better, but i was just pretty amazed that someone decided to upload it. here.

* i will NEVER mention Lupe Fiasco on this blog ever again. if you know me, you know i am disgusted at how some hypebeast Urkel looking poster boy who can't skate can be respected as a decent rapper. Have you heard "Pop Pop"?

Monday, September 15, 2008

White Tee - Booty Meat

Look out Eminem, Vanilla Ice, MC Serch, Stagga Lee, Cage, Ill Bill, and every other white rapper who ever came thru, here's another one.

He goes by the name of... *drum roll please* ...White Tee!

I normally wouldn't care what was going on in the world of rapper Soulja Boy, but according to the good people over at Complex magazine, he's signed a new WHITE rapper.

So why would I care, you ask? This one hit a little close to home. He's actually Soulja Boy's web designer.

I mean, I'm honestly (and secretly) a bit conflicted. I mean, me and my boys who are design nerds like to make our own rap songs too. When I've had a bit too much sauce I also tend to think I'm fire on the mic... but this is just plain weird to see one of 'us' have the potential to make it.

Check the Complex article here and get the low down on WHITE TEE here.

Friday, September 12, 2008

DJ Derezon's 14 Deadly Secrets: The RZA

RZA tells the history of his most infamous beats with DJ Derezon.

There's also an awesome one with DJ Premier.

DL the RZA one here.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

RIP Nagi Noda

A great loss to the art world. I discovered Nagi's work about 10 months ago before my trip to Asia. At the time, my buddy Carlos introduced me to a BBC show called Japanorama where host Jonathan Ross investigates various elements of Japanese youth subculture. One episode had a feature on pop art and that's where I saw Nagi's work for the first time.

One of my favorite pieces:

Rest in Peace. Check out her work here.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Murs Administration Video

I realy hope this is gonna be a hot one - check the topless korean chick in the clip

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Great Firewall of China

I am in Beijing yet again, and I've only been here for like 48 hours and it's been an absolutely amazing so far. I'm actually really surprised blogspot works right now. I will try to post once I upload some pics.

Facebook isn't working and that is very depressing :-( I've been trying to stay away from technology on this trip, but that doesn't work well unless you have friends to hang with. I'm trying to see if some of my peeps from last time are still here. Internet censorship sucks a big fat chinese cock.

Also I despise the ringtone of my parent's phone. It's "Fur Lise" in the most annoying tone ever. That shit goes off like 3 times at my house at every hour.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

GZA - "Pencil" (ft. Masta Killa and RZA)

Album drops Aug 19th. Track is actually pretty good. From what I've heard so far I'm expecting/hoping for "Grandmasters" or better. Here.

I hate watching the GZA live cause he likes to forget his words and just isn't that interesting live, but he's got one of my favorite catalogues from everyone in the Wu.

"All In Together Now"
One of my favorite tracks off Grandmasters

"4th Chamber"
My all time favorite GZA track

"B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)"

Another one... except this is all Killah Priest - no GZA, but off the legendary GZA album "Liquid Swords"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rock the Bells 2008

Online Videos by
Originally I didn't plan on going, but then two nights before I met Julianne.


The show was pretty aite. Not the best line up by far, but to me and most other Southern California hip hop enthuseists it is the one jam to look forward to every summer - despite having become a million times more commercial w/ San Disk backing it and a proper ampatheater type venue.

Second Stage

As usual, we got there late so we missed anyone who was on the second stage: Cool Kids, Spank Rock, MFDOOM, Kids in the Hall... everyone. The one time we did check the stage, some wack DJ's were spinning some old school stuff. We just bounced. Seriously.... was afrika bambatta necessary on this tour? Esp 'cause he's just DJing. Who the fuck are delvin and darko? Tyga...hahahah 'put the lime in the coconut and twist it all up...' the Pack.... the onlytrack they even got was the vans one.

Second stage was not coming with it this year. Trying to go 'hipster' avoiding the predominately white backpacker Def Jux/Rhymesayers route this year. not a good look.

Main Stage
Got there and Rae and Ghost just ended. We heard "Ice Cream" in the parking lot.

Murs, Dead Prez, Rakim, De La, Jay Electronica... missed them all.

Lost some glassware on the way in and then compensated poorly by some stingy dirty looking Filipino dude. Not a great start of a day.

Method Man & Redman:

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure they didn't do "How High" or "Broken Language". The didn't even mention Blackout Part 2. In true Wu fashion Meth was mad late coming out. I don't think Red did 'can't wait either'
- "da rotwiler"
- "i'll be dat"
- "bring the pain"
- "m.e.t.h.o.d. man"
- "you're all i need (original ver)"


Did all their hits. Nice to see the whole crew together. Last time I saw them it was only two preforming at UCI...sophmore year I believe. Ended it w/ "Passing me By". One of the dudes wore some crazy dayglow neon green pants. The Bobby Brown cover was prolly the biggest surprise of the evening.

Mos Def:

I mean... I honestly don't think dude is a good actor, and I think anything neo-soul related is weak and soft and all the OkayPlayer people are way over rated simply because they are not gangsta enough for my liking... also too many white people and girls love this guy. More importantly, his last two albums kinda on the shit side of the spectrum.

Either way, even with all that against him, he's still a great preformer and all round emcee. "Leaving on an Airplane" "Can't push me to the Edge" "Undeniable" "Umi Says" "Ms. Fat Booty"... he knew what he was doing and he rocked it.

I don't like Esco as a preformer. His personality is pretty boring... I mean, even in interviews and such, he's such a laid back guy - very monotone, never really says anything too offensive, not that funny, etc. Don't get me wrong, he's still one of the best of all time - but on wax, the live part needs work. However, he did a really great job this year. I believe he didn't show up last year.

Played a majority of his joints off Illmatic: "Represent","One Love", "NY State of Mind", "Life's a Bitch", "The World is Yours" ... also and of course "Nas is Like", "One Mic", "Got Yourself a Gun", "Made You Look", "If I Ruled the World", "Hero", "Sly Fox"... maybe more, but again... even tho Rae and Ghost were in the house there was no "Verbal Intercourse".

Q-Tip and Tribe:

Tip came out alone and did some solo joints and Tribe songs by hisself... I think he threw in a new one off the upcoming album. Sounded pretty typical neo soul... nothing to write home about and I think he lost the crowd during it's performance. Then the rest of the crew came out, minus Consequence. Not my first time seeing these guys, so it wasn't really that big a deal - the last time i saw them was in 04 on the day of Ol' Dirty's death. They did a bunch of their hits including "Electric Relaxation", "Scenerio", "Check the Rhyme", "Lyrics to Go", "Can I Kick It"... I know it is a hip hop blastphemy, but I am not all that big into these guys. They shouted out Dilla... and had the best visuals - Actually they were the only group that even used the screen in the back. Unfortunately, they didn't play my favorite Tribe song "Stressed Out". No encore, ended exactly on time: 11pm. Had a good parking spot and no traffic on the way home.


I think i go to this every summer in hopes to relive the first one. Seeing ALL 10 members of the Clan on stage, the unruly crowd taking advantage of shitty security, people raiding the merch booths, the Wu being on stage doing ALLLL their hits for over 2 hrs... I know it is foolish to think something like that could happen again,but this is the one day of the year when everything is dedicated to golden age hip hop. Because of that, 50/50 chance I'll be there next year.

Surprise Guests?

No surprise guests this year. I guess that's one of the things I miss too. The casualty of being organized. Last year there was a little of that on the indie stage. A lot of the dudes got down on a huge freestyle session before DOOM came on (late). Rage Against the Machine rocked it in 2007.

Lauryn Hill came on before Wu in 2006. Talib came out during Mos' set.... I think there was more...oh yeah Steve-O almost got his ass beat by Raekwon during the Ol' Dirty tribute part of the set.

Krs-One, Immortal Technique and some others came on before Rae and Ghost in 2005. RZA was supposed to be the headliner, but did not preform... however he was present during Rae and Ghost's set.

Mos def and X clan made appearances during Tribe's set in fall of 2004.

Summer 2004.... the whole Wu actually showed up. A surprise in itself!

New Cure single

The Cure - "The Perfect Boy"

Third single in their "one single a month" series.

Found over at Pitchfork.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weezy & Jay Electronica?!?!

Man, I just FLIPPED when I saw this.

Two of the illest and freshest emcees in the game right now from Louisiana over a Bayou classic?!?! Damn, I wish I caught Jay Electronica yesterday.

Found at Nahright.

RIP Issac Hayes

I was in a cafe today eating some wonton noodles w/ my roommate and bam... during an NBC Olympic news segment, they announced Ike was indeed gone forever. We couldn't really understand what the announcer was saying (the chinese waiters said they'd turn the hearing impaired subtitles on, but 30 minutes later still no dice), but just going thru the photo/video montage of Hayes from the 60's to the South Park era of his role as Chef it was pretty sad. Rest in peace. Check out that album art tho!

His hits included "Soul Man", "Shaft (Theme Song)", "Walk on By" and later "Chocolate Salty Balls".

Dude even had a track w/ the Wu Tang Clan - "I Can't Go to Sleep"

With most famous people, I don't really have a story to go along with their passing. About 5 years ago I had the oppertunity to see Mr. Hayes preform live at the Sunset Junction street festival in Silverlake. I posted the original 2003 story here, back when I still used my Xanga account.

Here's a more updated account of that same story:

In the summer of 2003, my dating career was pretty alright for someone living in an apartment living room for the summer with 5 other roommates in a two-bedroom. I mean, it sucked ass, but this was only to last until the school year started up again. The fragrence of marijuana was seeping in from everywhere at all hours of the day and the Playstation 2 was always on with somebody playing Marvel vs Capcom 2. Not being much of a gamer myself it was annoying - yes, but aside from the mass amounts of trash everywhere and cigarette smoke in the air; beer and our supply of herbals were always fully stocked.

So being in this kind of environment with zero privacy and being an incredibly horny 20 year old college student with his own car - you seem to try to find any oppertunity to go on dates or meet up with girls you sorta know/want to date and hopefully get laid.

Aside from the underage chubby high school emo girl I met ouside a Del Taco one Taco Tuesday of a night, I ended up meeting an Asian chick outside of a club party through a friend. In a drunken haze numbers were exchanged danced the night away together. She was super intelligent, loved the work Wes Anderson, the writings of Amy Tan, a funky/sceney style, glasses, petit, from a broken home and sorta into dudes like me... but I later began to understand she was pretty hung up on an ex boyfriend. An Asian musician type and I think he played in some ska band at Disneyland like every summer or something... but anyway back to the story.

So I call her up and she tells me about some music festival called Sunset Junction where Phantom Planet was playing and admission was a steep $7.00. Being the lagger that I still am, I didn't get there till about 30 minutes after the band had finished their set. I get the call at this point that she'd already left.

After making the trip all the way from Irvine to East LA, parking and picking up my boy A$ I wasn't gonna drive back. Like true middle school G's we just snuck into the festival under the guise of pretending to admire some crappy boho glass sculptures. While walking around for about 5 minutes into the place I had this moment of realization similar to the one in Chasing Amy: the scene where Banky's at a party and looks around at gay couples kissing and realizes he's actually at a gay bar.

My first tip was the unusal amount of topless and sculpted men walking around in large packs, talking in lispy voices and constantly giving each other group hugs. The second was the unusual amount of cardboard trashcans loacated all over sponsored by the Wet Lubrication company with the tagline "Supporting our Community". Thirdly, I noticed the abundance of rainbowed objects and men holding onto each other... but don't get me wrong. I have nothing against gay people - especially those buff guys who where there that day. In a brawl - sign me up on their squad.

Anyway, walking further through the street festival and coping with the mass influx of homosexuality, I finally found a schedule of preformances and up next: ISSAC HAYES and the SUPREMES!

I wasn't really jumping for joy when I saw this, but I figured it'd a good way to up my indie cred to say I've seen some soul legends in concert. Caught the end of the Supremes set and Issac Hayes was next. Ike came out with a 12 piece band and dressed in a daisheki (a colorful african robe with matching hat), sun glasses, beard and all. They started the set preforming hits such as "Soul Man" and "Walk on By". During the entire set I couldn't help from constantly yelling "play the South Park song!" - being "Chocolate Salty Balls"

After the first three songs and an nice bass solo me and A$ decided to leave* 'cause we figured he wouldn't play the Shaft theme song till the end of the set. Suddenly on our way out I heard the bass go, the lyrics "...half a stick of butter melted/stick it all in a bowl baby..." and the crowd went nuts! If there's anything I can say from my personal encounter with Ike, the man had a sense of humor: playing a song about tea bagging in front of a crowd that consisted of of primarily gay men. Fabulous.

*On a side note: I remember clearly the main reason me and A$ wanted to bounce was because directly behind us in the crowd there were two chubby computer programmer-by-day/mega-perverts-by-night looking German dudes in glasses, combat boots, silver speedos, bondage gear and incredibly obvious hard-ons... one was even wearing a leash.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mid Summer Night's Jam Setlist

Under the monkier of DJ THUG KILLAH C*, I will be putting together a mix for the upcoming end of term party.
Here is the playlist...


1. Common - Be (intro)
2. DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - Summertime
3. Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower
4. Santogold - Shove it
5. Biz Markie - Just a Friend
6. Outkast - Player's Ball
7. Jackson 5 - ABC
8. Coolio - Fantastic Voyage
9. Raekwon - Ice Cream
10.The Outfield - Your Love
11.Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It
12.J Dilla/JayDee - Time The Donut of the Heart
13.Eleven Five - Garcia Vegas
14.DJ Quik - Pitch in on a Party
15.The Dove Shack - Summertime in the LBC
16.Kermit the Frog - Rainbow Connection

Total Time: 1hr.
Download it here.


I'm contemplating actually mixing this together in cool edit or something. Who knows.

The songs were chosen because I'm pretty sure all the other DJ's that night are house guys. I wanted to just put some summertime vibes that other DJ's wouldn't pick. Granted these songs are kinda old - but fuck it. TKC's iPod runs shit. Unfortunately I will be in China on the day of the event.

* THUG KILLAH C is my rockband drummer's name.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


So, I love these sneakers. Prolly my top 5 of all time. I got a pair and royally fucked them up. Prolly my first 'collectable' sneaker i bought back in 2006. I'm still rocking em, here's a pic.

so I need me a new pair, when I realized i shoulda just bought a few more pairs at the footlocker on credit, shits was sold out. I didn't even know a retro of these were coming out until a homie I met over at dodgeball mentioned it to me.

Check the hypebeast post.

To JonJon over at the Treeson, johnny at verum... I hate reading your blogs and/or hanging out with you assholes. I thought I could quit retail, but damn. I was good off these hypebeast blogs for like 8 months not spending shit... unemployment is a gift and mostly a curse.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am a huge fan of the Clark Wallabee... ever since my Senior Year of high school, back when I couldn't afford the real things and settled for the clones.

I thought the Ipath Cats were the dopest skate shoes ever. When I found out they were inspired from the Clarks, it was over. When I found out the Wu was all about them... it was really over.

Anyway, it's a shame these look kinda wack. I love the idea of an all silver or all gold shoe (i own a pair of New Balances that are all silver)... especially on a wally, but dude fucked these ones up. Shoulda added a black soul, and what's the deal w/ the black patent leather details? just make the top ALL gold or ALL silver.They'd be so much iller if they looked like this:

Original post here.

Upper Playground Stan Smiths

I fucking love Upper Playground. I've been a fan for years now, mainly because they've always supported my favorite artists and continue to rep SF pretty hard.

Unfortunately, most of their product (although sold at a very fair price) usually isn't that dope. They'll release like a collection of 100 tees, but only 3 dope designs. Too much Sam Flores shit... they're also starting to overkill on Jeremy Fish.

Anyway, once again they took a few of my favorite things and made a mediocre product outta it. I love the Stan Smith. I used to skate a pair of these in high school, and i think they're just really simple and clean looking. I have a friend who's dad only rocks these... his garage has like 20 pairs - all classic green and white.

David Choe x Upper Playground x Adidas Stan Smith
- it looks whatever... i mean, it woulda been cooler if there was some art on it.

Aesop Rock (weathermen) x Upper Playground x Adidas Stan Smith
- a very ordinary looking sneaker, but it's got the WEATHERMEN logo on it, so.... that almost makes me want to buy it. I'm not really a fan of Aesop Rock, but the Weathermen are my favorite indie rap crew (Cage, Aesop Rock, Yak Ballz, El-P, Camu Tao(RIP), Tame One).

TR2N, DEATHTRACK/DEATH RACE, and my childhood

Back in a time before windows there was something called dos... anyway. I was sent to computer camp as a kid and the only thing aside from the inside edge on living a more reclusive lifestyle in was a copy of this game by activision called "death track". Good ol 1989.

Anyway, the reason I am writing about this movie is that I saw a preview for a movie with a similar plot as the game. It's called Death Race and it stars jason Statham. I don't particularly care for the story itself, I'm just amazed they're making a movie out of such an old video game. They usually go with what's hot at the moment, not one that's almost 20 years old.

Speaking of 20 year olds, they're actually going to be doing another tron movie. always reminds me of the motorcycle part in the first movie.

It's like everthing i thought was cool during my childhood is being resold to me.

tr2n trailer here

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Mid Summer Night's JAM

A Mid Summer Night's JAM
Saturday Aug 16th
(it's inside an airplane hanger - seriously)
4322 n. santa anita blvd, el monte ca
9pm - ????
6 bux - don't bitch.

So me and some friends are going to throw an end of term party. This is the quick flyer I designed. We're called the Future Agraculturists.

It seemed like the perfect name to me.